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club sandwich with fries and an orange slice
spinach and artichoke dip with melted cheese on top served with homemade pita chips
quesadilla with side of salsa and sour cream served with pickle slices
reuben sanwich with pickle and fries



10.99chicken lemongrass dumplings

pan fried dumplings served with our house-made soy dipping sauce

9.99spring rolls

a savoury mixture of vegetables rolled in a delicate pastry wrap, served with a sweet chili thai dip

5.99daily house-made soup

house-made with fresh seasonal ingredients. hearty and delicious

6.99sweet potato fries

sweet chili ranch dip


served with our vegetable sticks and house-made blue cheese or ranch dressing | 1 lb 12.99

choice of sauce: hot, medium, mild, honey garlic, sweet chili thai, bbq

13.99four cheese spinach dip

house-made dip with our unique blend of spices, cheese and fresh spinach. served hot with warm pita

entree salads

add grilled chicken breast to any salad | 3.99

house-made salad dressings: sweet vinaigrette, catalina, creamy garlic, blue cheese, ranch, balsamic vinaigrette, oil & vinegar


mixed greens tossed with our signature caesar dressing, with croutons, bacon and parmesean cheese. This is a Charlotte Anne's classic!


lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, kalamata olives, onions and peppers topped with feta cheese, served with our house-made dressing on the side

12.75soup and salad

house-made soup with caesar or house salad with choice of dressing

substitute greek salad 2.99

14.99fresh fruit and chicken

seasonal fresh fruit, onions, cucumbers and grilled chicken breast piled over mixed greens with a raspberry vinaigrette

14.99club salad

mixed greens with roasted turkey, bacon, carrots, cucumbers, onions, cheese and tomatoes finished with pablano avocado dressing


all burgers are 6 oz. handmade fresh to order. served with fries, salad or our signature half and half.  upgrade to a poutine | 3.99

upgrade to sweet potato fries | 2.99

add bacon or cheddar or swiss | 1.99

14.99Charlotte's own burger

this is what made us famous! top your house-made burger with canadian cheddar, sauteed garlic mushrooms and onions on a fresh bun

14.99guinness burger

customer fave! our burger sauteed in a bold guinness bbq sauce, topped with house made onion rings and cheddar cheese

12.99the original burger

our house burger topped with traditional fixings on a fresh bun

14.99feta cheese & bacon burger

our house-made burger topped with feta and bacon

14.99mushroom swiss burger

sauteed mushrooms in a garlic butter with melted swiss cheese

14.99the smashburger

a tongue burner! our burger is coated with smashed chilis and sauteed in Frank's Red hot sauce, topped with hot peppers, onion rings and melted cheese


add side garden salad 3.99 | add side caesar 4.99 | add side greek 5.99 | upgrade to sweet potato fries 2.99

beer battered fish & chips

freshly battered cod served with home-cut fries or our signature half and half and zesty tartar sauce

1 piece 12.99 | 2 pieces 15.99

15.99liver and onions

beef liver with golden fried onions and gravy, served with rice or fries and fresh vegetables

15.99chicken fingers

served with choice of fries, house salad, caesar or signature half and half

ask to have them baked for gluten free

14.99quiche of the day

ask your server. served with your choice of fries, salad or soup or our signature half and half.

15.99rice bowl

a rice bowl topped with grilled chicken, tomatoes, onions, peppers, feta cheese, olives, mango salsa and house-made Mediterranean Vinaigrette

16.99chicken curry

chicken, roasted vegetables over rice pilaf with an authentic curry sauce served with warm flatbread.

16.99fish tacos

battered cod with mango salsa, house-made coleslaw, finished with poblano avocado aioli, on soft flour tortillas. served with fries, salad or our signature half and half

sandwiches, wraps & more

sandwiches are served with your choice of fries, salad or our signature half and half

upgrade to a poutine | 3.99

upgrade to sweet potato fries | 2.99

14.99the classic club

triple decker sandwich made with real fresh roasted turkey, bacon, cheddar, lettuce and tomato on toasted whole wheat bread

14.99fiesta chicken sandwich

tender chicken, salsa and cheese melted on grilled seasoned bread, a Charlotte Anne's favourite!

14.99the reuben sandwich

layered with corned beef, sauerkraut and cheese. finished with a bistro mustard then grilled until golden brown, served on marble rye bread

14.99chicken caesar wrap

grilled chicken breast with our famous caesar salad in a soft tortilla

14.99clubhouse wrap

chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and mayo wrapped up in a grilled wrap

14.99crunchy buffalo chicken caesar wrap

our breaded chicken strips tossed in a buffalo bbq sauce with romaine, bacon, parmesean cheese and our house-made caesar dressing in a soft tortilla


for kids 10 and under. Served with juice or pop 8.99

chicken fingers

served with fries or salad

original burger

served with fries or salad

add bacon or cheddar or swiss | 1.99

fish and chips

one piece battered cod served with home cut fries or our signature half and half and tartar sauce

grilled cheese

on whole wheat bread with fries or salad

non-alcoholic beverages

2.99white milk, chocolate milk, orange juice, apple juice or cranberry juice

2.49coffee, tea or hot chocolate

2.99homemade lemonade

2.99homemade iced tea

2.99coke, diet coke, sprite, root beer, ginger ale, club soda